Community members in support of a consolidated school district for Goshen, Litchfield, Morris and Warren.

Why should we consolidate?


Better Academics


Better Extracurriculars


Better Social Opportunities


Better for Taxpayers

Our region has experienced a declining population for decades with little projected enrollment change in our schools over the next 10 years. Declining enrollment has resulted in limited course offerings, struggling athletic and arts programs and unsustainable costs. The districts have explored the possibility of merging to create a new district with long term viability in terms of academic strength, enhanced programs and fiscal savings.

The State Department of Education has unanimously approved the proposed regionalization plan, and for the first time, residents will have an opportunity to vote on this matter in a referendum on June 28 (date subject to change). The regionalization plan grows out of recommendations from committees with representation from each of the four towns, consisting of parents, elected Board of Education members, school administrators, educators, union representatives, Town Selectmen, and community members.

Region 20 will be a regional school district for the towns of Goshen, Litchfield, Morris and Warren for grades kindergarten through 12.  Elementary schools will remain in place in each town. The current Litchfield Middle School / High School will house the regionalized Middle School. The current Wamogo Middle School / High School will house the regionalized High School. The current Agriscience Program will remain in the existing facility on the Wamogo campus.


  • Over the last two years, representatives from Goshen, Litchfield, Morris, and Warren— concerned residents and Board of Education members—have developed a proposal for our schools to join together in one district.
  • This plan will result in increased course offerings, more athletic opportunities, a better social experience, and improved after-school activities.
  • There will be savings as the two districts combine, lowering the cost of educating each student and allowing greater reinvestment in our schools.


  • Stakeholders developed the proposed plan, starting in 2020.
  • The plan was filed with the Connecticut State Board of Education on April 4, 2022.
  • On May 4th, the SBOE held a meeting where they unanimously approved the plan, allowing it to go to a referendum in each of the four towns in late June.
  • After more than 70 years of discussions, residents will have the chance to decide the future of the education of our children.
  • If the referendum passes, a new Region 20 BOE will be established to carry out the planning for the new district.
  • Following a two-year development period, Region 20 schools will open for the 2024 school year.

Next Steps

In the coming weeks, residents will have many opportunities to learn about the plan, ask questions, and give feedback.


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