Region 20 Board of Education:

The Region 20 Board of Education will be comprised as follows:


  1. The BOE will consist of twelve members, three from each of the four towns.
  2. The BOE members will be elected in the same manner as Member Town Officers and take office in accordance with Connecticut General Statute Sec 10-46.
  3. The voting power of each BOE member is weighted in proportion to the population of each town relative to the entire regional school district’s population, which could be adjusted to reflect population variances.
    1. Goshen – 7.04% per member
    2. Litchfield – 18.71% per member
    3. Morris – 4.87% per member
    4. Warren – 2.72% per member
  4. Items must be approved by a weighted super-majority of at least 66% of the Board present and voting, including at least one member from each town voting favorably.

The checks and balances in the Region 20 BOE composition and voting structure ensure that no one or two towns can control final voting power over any other town(s).  At least one member from each Town must be in favor for an item to pass.  It is truly an “All for one and one for all” ideal. 

As residents of each town, it remains within our control to elect BOE members whose duty is to the betterment of the district and who represent our educational and fiscal values.